About Us

The Fluxuator was created by Andrew Zacharias to solve the issues associated with traditional techniques when soldering copper pipe.

Andrew Zacharias (Zach)

After working as a builder for many years alongside plumbers, Zach could see the problems they encountered daily. He knew there had to be a better way of applying flux so he spent months scouring the Internet, speaking to plumbers and conducting market research. The research results found there was nothing like the product on the market. He knew there was a niche for this tool.

After drawing up a variety of rough sketches and constructing a crude mock up of the Fluxuator out of melted plastic beads, Zach set about bringing the product to reality.

I never did anything by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by hard work.

Thomas Edison

He contacted a patent solicitor and employed a design team, Zach wanted the Fluxuator to be easy to hold, quick to use, deliver full coverage with minimum waste, be strong enough to withstand heavy use onsite, as well as contamination free.

After 3 years of CAD drawings, prototyping, many meetings, rigorous testing, worldwide patents, design registrations, Trademarks, and a lot of hard work the first Fluxuator rolled off the production line ready to hit the plumbing market.

The product was launched in May 2017 and was quickly recognised for its innovation winning the 2018 H&V News Awards Domestic Heating product of the year (Controls, Additional Equipment & Accessories) and also a finalist for the AGSM Gas Safety awards 2018.

Zach is now a director of The Official Fluxuator Ltd and continues to expand his range and develop other great ideas for the construction and plumbing sector.

Our Goal

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Albert Einstein.

Our goal is simple: To become the flux brand people think of first.

About the Flux

The Fluxuator contains Copalux which is a self cleaning soldering flux used for capillary joints on copper pipe work, brass and mild steal. It is WRAS listed for both hot & cold water including potable water. Being pH7 neutral at room temperature, it is suitable for use with gas pipe work.
Tests have shown the soldering fumes to be relatively harmless.
Copalux is manufactured by Aim Solder a global supplier.