Fluxuator – Designed with plumbers in mind

We believe the Fluxuator is the safest and cleanest way of applying flux to copper pipe on the market.
With a manageable click system, the Fluxuators innovative dosing head ensures an even coverage of non acidic neutral flux with every application therefore reducing the risk of leaks. The controlled release system also reduces over fluxing and gives the user a usage estimation.
All brushes are self contained and the flux is protected in a universal refill canister which is connected to the head of the unit so the Fluxuator dramatically reduces the risk of contamination and contact.
Each 75g refill canister gives approximately 500 applications and the plunger ensures the full 75g is used.
Built with a durable PET plastic the Fluxuator is designed to withstand heavy use onsite and can be used one handed giving the plumber/installer the three points of contact while working on a ladder.

A simple twist around the pipe gives full coverage and enables the installer to work quicker, cleaner, safer and more efficient saving the plumber time and money.

The traditional brush and pot (or finger) method can be time consuming when brushing around the entire diameter of the pipe especially when you have a lot of joints to solder and can be tricky getting into those hard to reach areas.

It can also be messy and easy to get flux where you don’t want it ie. fittings, walls, hands and clothing, the Fluxuator solves these problems while giving the plumber/installer a smarter appearance and giving the customer a cleaner and neater job. No more stained hands and clothes or dirty brushes and wasted pots!
Should the Fluxuator head get dirt in it, it can be rinsed under a tap and the screw lid from the refill is used to protect the head unit when not in use. The empty Fluxuator refill container can be washed and recycled.
Available in 15mm & 22mm and a dual head that fits both 15/22